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Here is an excerpt from Pastor Pam's message on Sunday :

Did you realize that Jesus intentionally allowed Lazarus to die so that He could reveal Resurrection Life in him!

But then…..we also can see on a map that God led the Israelites way out of their way so that they could come right up against the Sea exactly when the Egyptians were gaining on them! - That impossible situation…..God orchestrated it so that He could show them His glory!

Now we know that the Word says that it rains on the just and the unjust alike. In this world dominated by sin and satan , Stuff just happens!

That doesn’t mean that God wants us to stay under the circumstance!

If we have taken ourselves out from under his covering by walking in disobedience, then we may have to line ourselves up with the Word and fight the curse that we have brought ourselves under.

(But that really isn’t the situation that we are normally encountering…)

And if He allowed it to come to us,




If we think about it…there are many stories in Scripture that illustrate God allowing His children to face set-ups, in order to grow their faith and manifest His power!

I have always felt sorry for Gideon! First, God makes him step up to lead an army against a much larger trained fighting force….and then just as he has gotten together as many men as he can…..God tells him that he has too many of them and must dump some. That happens twice! God brings him down to such a low number that there can be absolutely NO question that Israel’s deliverance was supernatural!

You and I have a choice about how we will look at the things we face in this life!

If we really believe that our Father has us in His hands and that He is working all things to His glory and our good….then we need to see what happens as being opportunities for Him to bring good to us and glory through us!

I have come up with a title for a book I may write someday. It’s “Mountains, Lions, and Giants”

In the Bible stories, Gods people were faced with many things….

Including Mountains in their path,

Lions chasing them, and

Giants facing them

(oh yes, there were some instances with water too….seas, stormy lakes, and swollen rivers)

But the instructions that came were pretty simple:

Step into (or onto) the Water

Speak to the mountains

Chase down the lions

And challenge the Giants

We’re going to focus on one rather amazing story from the old Testament…

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